9 Life Disasters That Require the Help of Online Loans for Fast Cash


Only two-thirds of Canadians are prepared with an adequate emergency fund if an unexpected event arises.

Though emergencies tend to come at the most inconvenient times, you must always be prepared to react quickly and keep your financial health intact.

The next time an emergency pops up, will you be financially prepared to handle it? 

With the aid of fast cash loans for emergency situations, you’ll no longer have to navigate proper financial planning and reacting to a life emergency. Online loans from King Cash can help you through those tough times. 

Read on to learn about those life emergencies you might face when a kingcash.ca loan helps you. 

1. Temporary Lay Off

Many Canadians do seasonal work. This means they work for certain seasons and get paid, then are laid off for other parts of the year. 

It can be challenging to save enough and anticipate all your needs during the laid-off times. 

If you’re on a temporary layoff and finding yourself short on cash, a fast cash loan might help to address your needs. Be sure only to get a loan that helps you through the cash shortage, knowing soon you’ll be back to work and can pay it off. 

2. Job Loss

When you face a job loss, worrying about how you’ll even cover your basic needs can be scary. 

Sometimes one family member loses their job while the other remains working. You face a real shortage of cash for your everyday bills. 

If you know you’ll be employed again soon, it makes sense to take out an online loan to help you through the crisis. Don’t take more than you can afford to pay back. 

You don’t want one financial crisis to turn into another. 

3. Household Repair

Fast loans in Canada can help with unexpected household repairs. Life is full of moments with things breaking in your house. 

You might be just home from a trip with piles of laundry to do, and the washer suddenly stops working. 

Your furnace might suddenly be blowing cold air in the dead of winter. 

Household repairs always come at the worst times and cost much more than you can imagine. This type of repair can often blow through your emergency fund and still not be resolved. 

4. Car Repair

Is there anything more frustrating than a broken-down car? It means your life comes to a halt. 

You can’t go back and forth to work. You can’t grocery shop or get your kids where they need to go. You can’t go out with your friends and live your life. You’re stuck at home with no means of transportation.

When facing an expensive and unexpected car repair, no credit check loans can help you out of a bind and get your life back on track. 

5. Medical Bills

Financial disasters are often connected to mounting medical bills. You just never know when you’ll suddenly face a medical crisis and the mounting bills that go with it. 

You certainly can’t ignore a medical emergency. Maybe you’re injured in an accident or find yourself needing surgery. 

While you may have health insurance coverage, even the co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses add up quickly once you face a medical crisis.

A fast cash loan can help you pay down that pile of bills and consolidate your medical debt. Then you can pay it back with one payment each month.

6. Dental Emergency

If you’ve ever suffered from an aching tooth, you know how it can disrupt your life. The darn tooth pain can be all you think about while it’s happening. 

Many people don’t have the benefit of comprehensive dental health care. So, going to the dentist means facing a hefty bill. The average dental emergency for a cavity, eroding tooth, or gingivitis is $513 for a visit.

A Kingcash fast loan can give you a way to address your dental emergency. You fix your dental problems, then pay your bill over time.

7. Pet Emergency

60% of Canadians have a beloved dog or cat in their life. Pets have become an important part of our lives; they’re like family. 

When they become ill or need unexpected treatment from the vet, paying the vet can become a financial emergency. 

You certainly won’t even consider ignoring a trip to the vet or putting off treatment. Get the extra money you need for a pet emergency through an online loan.

These no-credit-check loans allow you to quickly access funds you need to help with your pet’s health emergency.

8. Unplanned Move

Any move is expensive. An unplanned move can be an extra cost since you don’t have the time to plan or save for the event. 

Unexpected events like a job loss, job transfer, or family emergency can require a move you didn’t plan for. 

Moving requires moving supplies and movers. It also can mean nights in temporary lodging like hotels and meals out. You might need new security deposits for your new lodging. 

An online loan can help you manage these unexpected moving expenses. 

9. Storm Damage

Another kind of home emergency you might face is the impact of a big storm. Maybe wind tore up your landscaping or threw large tree limbs all over your home and yard. 

Maybe days of rain caused a flooded basement. Some people don’t want to make a claim on their homeowner’s insurance, worrying that it will increase their premiums. 

A fast cash loan can help with the expenses associated with storm damage around your home.

Online Loans to Help With Your Emergency

Online loans are fast, easy, and convenient. They can also help you through the times in life when you’re a little short on cash because of a life emergency. 

If you need some cash to handle an emergency, we can help. Contact us to learn how much you qualify for with our KingCash loans.

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