Frequently Asked Questions

Are all payments eligible for a deferral?

Customer Service

We are unable to postpone your first and final payments. To request a payment deferral, please ensure you contact us at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled withdrawal. The fee for deferring a payment will replace the original scheduled loan payment.

It’s important to note that payment deferrals can’t be processed if your previous payment was returned or if you have recently deferred a payment.

For more information, please contact our financial department

Can I apply with income from insurance?

Customer Service

Absolutely! After successfully repaying your initial loan with KingCash, we consider Employment Insurance (E.I.) and other types of insurance as an eligible source of income for renewal applications.
Please keep in mind that you’ll need to provide documentation as proof of insurance to proceed with the renewal process. This documentation can be an Employment Insurance (E.I.) claim or an insurance document in your name validating the coverage.

Can I apply without a credit check?


Certainly! As a standard practice, our processing methods do not involve a credit check; instead, they are solely based on your bank statement and employment status.

Can I provide my documents using cloud service links?

Customer Service

We can accept digital pictures, screenshots, and scans of your documents. However, please note that we are unable to access documents through links from cloud service providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and others.

Do I require a phone to be approved?

Customer Service

Your application must include at least one phone number registered under your name.

Do you have to call my employer? Aren’t my pay stubs enough to prove my employment?

Customer Service

While a pay stub can demonstrate your past employment with an employer, it may not confirm your current employment or future employment status.

How can I make an early payment?

Customer Service

We recommend using one of the following payment methods: pre-authorized debit, e-transfer, or credit card.

Please note we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to stop a regular payment that’s already in transition. For credit card payments, you can contact our financial department.

How can I make up for missing a payment?

Customer Service

We offer a 5-day grace period for a missed payment. Should you find yourself able to make that payment within 5 business days, you will not incur an NSF fee.

There are 3 options for payment:

  1. Credit Card payment.
  2. Money Transfer by Email.
  3. Automatic Withdrawal.

For Credit Card payments or Automatic Withdrawals you can call us or send us an email. For Money Transfers, you must call us at 1-844-452-4432

How do I receive my funds?

Customer Service

We provide multiple deposit methods to our clients, such as:
• Direct Deposit – This method is free and sends funds directly to your bank account. To receive same-day funds, your loan must be approved before 2:30 PM EST; otherwise, the funds will be deposited on the next business day.

• Instant Deposit (NEW) – Our instant deposit is a new feature designed to eliminate delays in receiving funds via direct deposit. It enables you to receive funds within an hour of approval, regardless of the cut-off time.

Please note that there is a $5.00 surcharge for this service, and the fee will be included in your surety fees.

• E-Transfer – Exclusive to returning clients, funds will be sent to a verified email address registered on your file within 3 hours of approval.

Please note that there is a $3.00 surcharge for this service, and the fee will be included in your surety fees.

How is the employment verification conducted?

Customer Service

Verification of employment is conducted exclusively by Jupiter Suretyship, a third-party entity.
They will only confirm the information you have already provided, and your data will be maintained with the utmost confidentiality. We want to reassure you that we do not disclose to your employer that you are in the process of applying for a loan at any point.

How much advance notice should I provide to request a payment deferral?

Customer Service

In order for us to defer a payment a notice of at least 48 hours’ is required.

Please note we can’t postpone your first and last payments; if you want to postpone a surety fee or a regular loan payment you must contact us 48 hours prior to the withdrawal. In addition, a payment can’t be deferred if your previous payment was returned and/or recently deferred.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or need further clarification.

How much can I apply for?

Customer Service

New clients can qualify for an initial loan of $500, and as you establish a positive borrowing history with our lenders, you’ll become eligible for larger loan amounts up to $750.00.

I have an existing loan and ran into a financial crisis. What can I do?

Customer Service

We understand that financial challenges can arise unexpectedly, and we are here to help. If you are unable to make your payments as scheduled, we encourage you to contact our financial department. We offer various options to assist you in managing your financial situation.

I have changed bank accounts. How can I update my banking information?

Customer Service

To update your banking information, we kindly request a voided cheque or a pre-authorized debit form. You can conveniently provide us with a picture of either document by sending it to [email protected]

I have completed my loan application, does that mean the money will be in my account today?

Customer Service

Once we have received all the necessary information, your file is promptly forwarded to the analysis department for review. While the process may require up to 24 business hours, it’s typically done a lot faster.

I have submitted an application. What happens now?

Customer Service

After you’ve submitted your application, our analysis department will review it to ensure that all details are in order and aligned with our lenders’ criteria. Typically, this process can be finalized within 24 business hours, but often it is even faster.

I missed the last payment on my loan, what happens now?

Customer Service

We provide a grace period of 5 business days to catch up on a missed payment. However, if you are unable to make up the missed payment during this period, your next regular loan payment will be deducted from your account on your next scheduled payment date. Additionally, please note that an NSF fee of $45.00 will be applied at the end of your payment schedule.

I’m uncomfortable sharing my personal information online. How can you ensure my information will be kept safe?

Customer Service

We value your privacy and have designed our process to offer top-level online security. Our system is built with the utmost focus on enhancing your privacy and security. We employ 128-bit encryption, which is the same level of security as your bank uses. Your personal information, including usernames and passwords, remains confidential, with no storage or display.
This method not only ensures your privacy but also provides the quickest and most secure means to share your information when applying for a loan. It’s a convenient option that prioritizes your data security.

If I make an early payment by e-transfer, will I get confirmation of receipt?

Customer Service

Certainly! When you make an early payment via e-transfer, you can expect to receive confirmation of receipt. Typically, our system is designed to acknowledge and confirm the receipt of your payment within 1-2 business days. This confirmation helps ensure that your payment has been successfully processed.
If you have any concerns about the status of your e-transfer payment or do not receive a confirmation within the expected timeframe, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Is the online banking verification (I.B.V.) secure?

Customer Service

Your user ID and password are securely transmitted directly to your financial institution. It provides us a “read-only” copy of your bank statement for a 90-day period and the tools to verify your identity. The statement’s contents are then examined by our analysis team to ensure an accurate decision regarding your loan application.

What criteria do I need to meet to be eligible to apply?


To qualify for a loan, you must meet the following criteria:
• You should be a Canadian citizen.
• You must be at least 18 years old.
• You need to have a minimum monthly income of $1,200, received through checks, e-transfer, or direct deposits from your employer.
• You should have reliable employment with at least 3 months of continuous employment.
• You must own a Canadian bank account in which your pay is received through direct deposit, e-transfer or checks, and the account should have been active for at least 3 months.
• You should not be on the verge of bankruptcy or about to enter a consumer proposal.
• You should have a low or no history of insufficient funds transactions.
• Your short-term debt ratio, including other active short-term loans, should be low.

Please note that the following income sources are NOT accepted:

• Self-employment income
• Social assistance
• Student loans
• CPP (Canada Pension Plan)
• Child tax benefits
• Private pensions
• Disability payments
• Other income from insurance

What is a Paperless application?


Our offering stands out for its paperless approach, which eliminates the need for any physical documents. It incorporates instant verification and e-signature capabilities. By providing us with secured view-only access to your account, you can have your loan application approved without the need of submitting paperwork.

When are the deferral fees scheduled?

Customer Service

The fee will be applied to replace your initially scheduled payment.
For the first deferral, there is a fee of $25.00. In the case of a second deferral, a fee of $50.00 is charged, which includes a $25.00 fee and a $25.00 reduction from your balance. For a third deferral, a fee of $75.00 is applied, consisting of a $25.00 fee and a $50.00 reduction from your balance.
Please note that a mandatory 48-hour delay should be considered.

Where can I find my payments in the contract?

Customer Service

Your loan contract consists of four pages: Loan Agreement & Surety Agreement

Please be aware that the date of your first payment(s) can be found on the first page of the Surety Agreement, as these payments take precedence. The capital payment(s) will be found on the first page of the Loan Agreement.

Please be aware that your payment schedule may be subject to change prior to approval. Our valued customers can renew their loans after a grace period to allow them time to complete any outstanding loans before the start of payment cycles for their new loan.

Why can it take up to 24 business hours for a final decision?

Customer Service

It’s important to note that the vast majority of applications (approximately 98%) are typically completed and approved within the same day. However, in some cases, the process may take up to 3 business days to finalize. This extended timeframe may occur due to high application volumes or complications that may arise during the verification phone calls.
We appreciate your patience and understanding in such cases.

Will I be able to get insurance on my loan?

Customer Service

Regrettably, we are not currently providing insurance for our loans. However, if you face challenging circumstances in the future and require assistance with your payments, we’re happy to work with you and find a suitable solution that meets your needs.