Terms and conditions

Kingcash.ca is subject to federal and provincial laws in matters of the protection of personal information, notably the Privacy Act and the Electronic Documents Act and the private sector Personal Information Protection Act. As such, KingCash.ca must take the necessary measures to respect these laws and ensure the privacy and the protection of its client’s personal information, collected in the context of service requests by users of the site and consented loans.

The present confidentiality policy outlines Kingcash.ca’s practices in matters of collecting, using and communicating the personal information of its clients.

Personal information: 
Personal information refers to all pertinent information used to identify an individual, as amply defined in the applicable laws on privacy and confidentiality, and supplied in a voluntary way by the client or obtained by third parties with the client’s authorization.

Information collection methods:
Kingcash.ca collects different types of personal information during direct and indirect interactions with its clients, notably through interactive forms and online applications on Kingcash.ca’s website. By completing the interactive forms and loan applications, the client agrees to the present terms and conditions and gives their implicit consent to Kingcash.ca to collect and use the personal information found within, including the information found in documents supplied to support their loan application. They also consent to the collection of personal information through references, for example from financial institutions, employers, credit offices, third parties and other establishments identified in the interactive forms or loan applications.

The information collected includes:

Last and First name, postal address
Telephone and fax numbers
Email addresses
Date of Birth and Sex
Family Situation (marital status)
Social insurance, health insurance and drivers licence numbers
Profession and job (length, salary, etc.)
Name and address of employer
Revenue (personal, family and other sources of revenue)
Data on financial situation (assets, liabilities, bank statements, etc.)

Personal references
All other information collected with the client’s authorization
In addition to personal and financial information submitted by a client, Kingcash.ca can collect information on the client’s computer, including, where necessary, their IP address, operating system and type of navigator – for systems administration and the communication of general information to advertisers.

Kingcash.ca can also collect statistical data on navigation behaviour. This information does not allow one to identify an individual. Kingcash.ca can also collect information on the general use of the internet by the client, by using cookie files stored on the client’s hard drive.

The purpose for which the information is collected: The personal information collected by Kingcash.ca is confidential and is collected with the main goal of evaluating the admissibility of the client for requested loans and follow-up for said loan requests where required, and then for the purposes of distributing promotional material via newsletters and/or email.

The use of personal information: Kingcash.ca uses personal information in the normal functioning of its business, notably in order to create client accounts, to communicate with the client in the context of the administration of their account, supply services and answer client questions, establish and verify the identity, veracity and exactitude of the information supplied by the client, verify the credit and determine the admissibility for loans, verify the job, the references and the contacts, complete the loans and collection procedures.

Kingcash.ca can use personal information collected in order to send promotional material or other information concerning its company services and products to its clients. Through their consent to the present conditions, the client accepts being registered on the mailing list for promotional material and the newsletter. The client who wishes to remove their address from the mailing list can contact Kingcash.ca using the contact information found at the bottom of the present document or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button appearing at the bottom of said mailings.

Cookies allow Kingcash.ca to improve its client services, estimate the volume of users and their behaviour, to store information on client preferences and recognize them when they return to its site. For more information concerning the confidentiality policy pertaining to the collection of this information, it is recommended that you download the full version by clicking on the following link: https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/ or by speaking with the agent assigned to KingCash.ca at the coordinates below.

Access to information: Kingcash.ca agents who are authorized to manage the client accounts and follow-up with loan applications have access to the associated personal information. Advertising and promotional offers agents with Kingcash.ca have access only to the information necessary for the development and management of mailing lists for promotional purposes.

Kingcash.ca can provide client personal information to loan brokers, financial or loan institutions, debt holders and employers in the context of the execution of its obligations stemming from the loan contract signed with the client.

Kingcash.ca can provide client personal information to collection agencies, legal offices, or the legal system for the purposes of collecting debts and for the exercise of any recourse stemming from the service contract signed with the client.

Kingcash.ca may be required to provide client personal information, notably to government authorities, in order to fulfill their legal obligations, notably in order to verify its conformity to applicable laws.

Kingcash.ca can provide access to client personal information to certain agents responsible for business operations and administration of the company (sales and marketing, administration, operating systems, servers, etc.) and this only to ensure the necessary execution of their mandate.

Right of consultation and modification: At any time, the client has the right to know the nature of the data collected on them, to consult them and request that changes be made or added as necessary. All requests to this effect must be addressed to Kingcash.ca via the contact information appearing at the bottom of the present document.

Right of opposition and withdrawal: At any time, the client can withdraw their consent to the collection, use and communication of personal information to any party. Such a withdrawal can lead to the refusal on the part of Kingcash.ca to supply certain services and/or products. However, the consent given for the collection, use and communication of personal information for services already under way remains valid until the perfect fulfillment of the client’s contractual obligations in virtue of the established agreement. As such, the consent remains valid for certain communications (for example, but not limited to, storing transaction and business data, communicating to government authorities as required for conforming to laws, etc.). All requests to this effect must be addressed to Kingcash.ca via the contact information appearing at the bottom of the present document.

Protection of information/security: Kingcash.ca processes and stores client personal data in a secure environment, for the full period of the execution of the contract signed with the client and for a reasonable period in order to meet legal, statutory, insurance, security and data processing requirements. The data is stored at the company’s business location.

Kingcash.ca takes all the reasonable measures necessary in order to protect the client’s personal information by using appropriate physical, electronic or security measures, including backups for protection against losses and theft, as well as the use of secured zones (restrictions on communication, copy, use or modification).

The security systems applied by Kingcash.ca respect or surpass industry norms. The systems are regularly tested in order to update the security mechanisms based on technologies that are in constant evolution.

Contacting Kingcash.ca: The present confidentiality policy is periodically updated. For more information relating to the present policy, it is recommended that you communicate with the person responsible for the application of the confidentiality policy at Kingcash.ca using the following contact information:

Jesse Royer
Chief Operations Officer