How to Save Money as a Student


The average Canadian student spends about $1,000 a semester on textbooks. With books on top of tuition, housing, and food, it’s easy to see why so many students struggle financially. 

If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed, consider buying your textbooks secondhand. You can also find roommates to share expenses with, and invest in a bike, so you don’t have to drive. 

Take advantage of your campus dining hall, or if you don’t like what they’re serving, cook your own food. There are plenty of side hustles that should work with your jam-packed schedule as well. 

These are only a few King Cash money tips that will help you manage finances. Keep reading to learn more. 

Buy Things Secondhand 

At the beginning of every semester, you’ll receive a list of required textbooks. You can probably get all of them brand-new from your campus bookstore, but you’ll spend thousands of dollars on them. 

That’s why so many students rent their textbooks or buy them used. When the semester is over, turn your books back in, or resell them for extra cash. 

Textbooks aren’t the only thing that you can buy secondhand. You can hit up a thrift store to build your wardrobe for the semester or find discount furniture for your dorm and save money. 

Cook Your Own Food

The food served at the campus dining hall is sometimes a hit, but more often than not, it’s a miss. If you don’t like what’s being served, you might be tempted to go get fast food. 

While the occasional trip to your local McDonald’s won’t break the piggy bank, it adds up. You’re better off cooking your own meals. 

The same goes for caffeine. Brew your morning cup of joe in your dorm room instead of going to the campus coffee shop. 

Take Advantage of Your Student Discount 

One of the biggest perks you’ll get as a student is the ID handed to you at the beginning of your freshman year. Most local shops and restaurants will give you a discount if you show them your ID. 

You might be able to use it to gain free access to cultural events and other amenities in your area. If you need a new laptop, big-name tech companies like Apple and Microsoft will give you a student discount as well. 

Find Roommates 

Do you not like the idea of staying in a dorm room? You can use no credit check loans to pay your first month’s rent at an apartment off campus, but what about every month after that? 

Paying for your rent plus utilities and textbooks can be overwhelming for any college student. Take some of the stress off by seeking out a few roommates. 

Splitting the expenses between three or four people is a lot more manageable for everyone involved. 

Start your roommate search through websites like Roomi Match and Roomster. If you don’t like the idea of living with a stranger, see if you can find someone through a mutual connection. 

Use Amenities on Campus 

Why spend your own money on health care and counseling when many college campuses offer these services for free? Some schools even have childcare facilities available. The campus library will be your one-stop shop for all your research materials. 

Instead of investing in an expensive gym membership, you can use the one at your school. It will have everything you need to get a good workout in for the low, low price of free. 

Invest in a Bike 

Having a car to get around campus can be convenient, but expensive. By ditching your vehicle, you won’t have to pay for gas or insurance. You also won’t have to worry about surprise repair bills when something inevitably happens to your car. 

This being said, walking around will get tiring fast. Invest in a bicycle to get to and from classes. 

Find a Side Hustle 

If you have a lot of free time between classes, you can fill the empty slot in your schedule with a side hustle. Many students deliver for DoorDash. 

Companies will hire you to try out their products and take surveys. If you’re crafty, you can sell your creations on Etsy. 

Again, at the end of the semester, sell the old textbooks that you have laying around.  

Use Your Parent’s Cell Phone Plan 

As a student, you can’t go without a cell phone. You need it to keep in touch with family and friends. Not to mention, it will be hard to schedule time to work on group projects if nobody can get in touch with you. 

While you can drive to the nearest cell phone store and open a contract, it will be cheaper to go on your parent’s plan. 

Take Out a Personal Loan

If you need cash in a hurry to pay for student living expenses, you can go to to apply for no credit check loans. The process is easy, and you can get up to $750. 

If you’re approved for online loans, the money will appear in your account within the same day. It’s that simple! 

The King Cash Guide to Saving Money in College 

The persona of the broke college student is a trope for a reason. Housing, tuition, food, and textbooks don’t come cheap. Handling all of these expenses can be difficult for some. 

We hope that you’re able to use these saving tips to prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed. 

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