How Kingcash Can Help You When You're Moving


If planning your big move is causing you to lose sleep, you’re not alone. One survey found that around 60% of Canadians report high stress levels associated with their move. Many even consider it more stressful than planning a wedding or starting a family!

Sticker shock is a big factor here. Many movers find that their relocation costs much more than they budgeted for, with some long-distance moves costing several thousand dollars.

Fortunately, Kingcash can help! Our quick loans make it easy for movers to cover their biggest expenses, from common costs to unexpected bills. If you’re gearing up for a relocation, here are a few things our loans can help you pay for.

Pre-Moving Day Services

In the run-up to moving day, an online loan from Kingcash is a great way to cover your initial expenses. These fast, no-credit-check loans can help prepare you and your household to handle a few key tasks:

Packing Services

Whether you have a busy schedule or your mobility issues make it hard to gather and pack your things, professional packing services can help. Most companies bill by the hour, and they’ll wrap and box your items for easy travel.

Packing Supplies

It’s easy to forget to budget the cost of packing supplies into your plans. Depending on the size of your home, you could need anywhere from 50-200 boxes!

You’ll also need things like tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and labels. For fragile or large items, you may need additional cushioning. Don’t forget the cost of buying or renting a dolly or hand cart if you’ve decided not to hire professional movers.

Cleaning Services

Moving clean-outs are almost always a requirement. You can tackle this task yourself, but be prepared to do some thorough scrubbing!

Most sale and rental contracts lay out the expectations for cleanliness. If you don’t have time to achieve the right sparkle and shine on your own, cash loans can help you cover the cost.


While you’re between one home or apartment and the next, you may need to store some of your furniture. Storage units can cost anywhere from $40 to $300 a month, depending on the size you need. Online loans can help with this, especially if unexpected delays require you to keep your belongings off-site for longer than expected.

Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is a great way to get some extra peace of mind when relocating. These policies help cover the cost of any damage to your most expensive items. Many reputable moving companies will offer basic moving insurance, but you may want to spring for additional insurance if you’re moving rare, antique, or high-priced items.

Moving Day Services

On your big day, you might be surprised at how fast your bills add up! Here are a few common moving expenses that fast loans in Canada can help you cover.

Moving Truck Rental

If you’re doing a DIY move, the cost of a moving truck still won’t be cheap. Depending on the size, you might have to pay $50-100 per day. Worse, that’s without including the fuel expenses.

Professional Movers

Professional movers are the way to go if you don’t have the time, energy, or mobility to tackle a DIY move. However, these experts can cost you hundreds or even thousands, depending on your home size and the distance you’re moving.

You’ll also need to factor in additional costs. Most movers expect tips, for example, and some will also charge you for gas. If you’re moving to an apartment off the ground floor, you may need to pay elevator or stair fees.

Don’t forget about the added costs of large or expensive items! Movers may charge extra when you want them to move bulky or heavy-duty belongings, and they’ll also charge for handling fragile items.

Personal Vehicle Transport

If you have a car in need of relocation, you’ll have to drive it yourself or pay someone else to. The fuel cost for this may be minor if you have a short-distance move, but a long-distance move across the country can rack up some high gas bills!

Boarding Pets

If you need to get your furry friend out of the way during a large or intensive move, it’ll cost you. Bringing them to a boarder or pet sitter may run you between $20-60 per day, depending on the pet and the company.

Post-Moving Day Services

Most people expect their cash flow to even out once their moving day has passed, but that’s not always the case! Make sure you’re avoiding a nasty surprise by budgeting for the services below or by using no-credit-check loans from

Cleaning Services

Yes, you might have to pay for cleaning twice! Not everyone sticks to the contract when moving, and the previous homeowners may leave piles of junk or serious grime behind. If you’re unsatisfied with the cleanliness of your new home or apartment and can’t address it yourself, hiring professional cleaners can help you get a fresh start.

Move-In Expenses

Move-in expenses may seem minor, but they can add up fast. Depending on where you’re headed, you may need to pay the first month’s rent, your first mortgage payment, a security or pet deposit, or your insurance. Don’t forget about the costs of your new utilities!

Miscellaneous Unexpected Costs

Though you won’t have to pay for these during every relocation, certain costs may catch you off-guard:

  • Forgetting to cancel memberships
  • Minor repairs to your new home or apartment
  • Losing your security deposit
  • Parking tickets for your personal vehicle or moving truck
  • Overnight fees for a moving truck
  • Replacing uninsured possessions
  • Unexpected hotel stays
  • Buying new furniture
  • Replacing your food

No one wants to get stuck with these unexpected expenses, but they happen all the time! If a surprise bill cuts into your bottom line, the right loan can help you cover the cost.

Get Fast Loans With Kingcash

Almost any home move will be full of hectic days and unexpected bills. Fortunately, you don’t have to let high price tags or last-minute expenses add to your stress!

Whether you’re trying to cover common costs or reeling from a moving bill that falls outside your budget, a fast loan from Kingcash can help. Our money-lending services make it easy to get cash when you need it most. Claim your cash now to fund your relocation.

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