What You Need to Apply for No Credit Check Loans


The median income in Canada was around $68,400 for families and individuals. Yet, despite these earnings, there are moments when financial hardships hit and traditional lending routes might not be accessible. For many, “no credit check loans” become a lifeline. 

Unlike traditional loans from banks and credit unions that require a hard credit inquiry, no credit check loans don’t check your credit at all. This makes qualifying for them easier when you have bad credit or no credit history.

But just because no credit check loans don’t look at your credit doesn’t mean there is no application process. Lenders still need to verify your identity and ensure you have the ability to repay the loan. Here’s what you’ll need to provide when applying for no credit check loans in Canada.

Proof of Identity

The first thing lenders need to see is a valid ID proving who you are. This is required by Canadian law under the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. Acceptable IDs include a driver’s license, passport, permanent resident card, Indian status card, and provincial or territorial ID card.

You’ll need to provide your full legal name, date of birth, and current home address. Lenders may ask for a photo or scanned copy of your ID uploaded along with your loan application.

Having a valid ID is essential for cash loans in Canada. Without proper identification, lenders cannot legally lend you money.

Proof of Income

While lenders don’t check your credit, they do need to confirm your income. This shows you have the means to repay the loan.

Documents you may need to provide include pay stubs, bank statements, proof of government benefits, and tax documents. If you are self-employed, a profit and loss statement works.

Lenders typically require proof of steady income for the past 2-3 months. For pay stubs, provide your most recent stubs. For bank statements, provide 2-3 months’ worth showing recurring deposits demonstrating income.

Don’t forget about government benefits like CPP, OAS, and EI. They also count as income. Provide current statements showing deposit amounts and dates.

Proof of Residence

In addition to ID, lenders often require proof that you live at your stated address. This could include a utility bill and bank statement, which must be current, usually within the last 1-2 months. You can also provide a cellphone bill, rental agreement, or mortgage agreement.

Having proof of your physical address not only verifies where you live, but ensures you can be contacted regarding repayment of online loans.

Bank Account Details

To receive funds from a no credit check loan, you need a bank account. Lenders will ask for your account details including bank name, branch number, and account number.

They may also request a void cheque which contains all this banking information. This allows the lender to deposit the loan funds directly into your chequing account once approved.

Some lenders may require a bank statement or direct deposit showing the account is in your name. This prevents fraud by verifying you own the bank account provided.


Some no-credit check lenders may ask for personal references on your application. These people can vouch for your character and confirm your contact details.

References are commonly asked for by private lenders and payday loan companies. Suitable references include spouses or common-law partners, family members, coworkers, and employers.

You’ll need to provide their full names, addresses, phone numbers, and relationship to you. Lenders may call them to verify information, so ensure you ask permission first.

Cost of Borrowing Disclosure

Reputable lenders like Kingcash providing no credit check loans in Canada are legally required to provide a cost of borrowing disclosure. It spells out the loan amount, interest rate, fees, payment amounts and schedules, and total cost of borrowing.

Review this disclosure carefully before signing your loan agreement. It provides full transparency into how much you will pay in interest and fees.

Ask questions if any costs are unclear. A good lender will explain everything to ensure you understand the loan terms before approving your application.

Sign Loan Agreement

The final step is to sign your loan agreement, either digitally or by printed contract. This makes the loan contract official. Be sure to read the fine print before signing.

With all needed documents provided, funds can be deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Tips for No Credit Check Loan Approval

Aside from providing the required documents, a few other tips can boost your chances of getting approved for fast loans Canada with no credit check. Consider the insightful tips below. 

Avoid Applying for Multiple Loans

Loan shopping with many lenders creates hard credit inquiries that may flag your application for denial. Only apply with one or two lenders at a time.

Lower Your Requested Amount

Asking to borrow the maximum may seem risky unless you have a strong income and other credentials. Reduce your requested loan amount to improve approval odds.

Explain Past Credit Issues

If you have bad credit or past bankruptcies, clarify why and how your situation has improved. This context can reassure lenders.

Have Contact References Ready

Solid personal references demonstrate community ties and financial responsibility. Choose references lenders can easily reach by phone.

Review Bank Transactions

Lenders may check for red flags like payday loans, overdrafts, or missed bill payments. Avoid these if possible leading up to your application.

Check Eligibility Requirements

Each lender has a minimum criteria for income, employment status, and age. Review requirements before applying so you don’t waste time on rejections.

Prepare Explanations

Expect questions about your need for funds, income fluctuations, employment gaps, etc. Having straightforward answers shows you’re organized.

With some prep work, you can get no credit check loan approval and cash in hand much faster.

Apply for No-Credit Check Loans From Kingcash Today!

When unexpected expenses pop up and your bank account is low, no credit check loans offer a fast solution. You can get approved with no credit pulled by providing documentation of your identity, income, address, and bank details. No credit check loans must be used responsibly, just like any other debt. 

With the right lender, clear communication, and some planning, you can get the emergency funds you need even with less-than-perfect credit. Check eligibility and apply from Kingcash.ca today!

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