What to Do If You Can't Repay Your Online Loan


In May of 2020, almost 22.2 percent of Canadians reported that they had difficulty meeting their financial needs. In these cases, many people turn to online money lending platforms. But what happens if you can’t repay your online loans?

Experiencing financial hardship can be stressful. Especially if you have used money lending services to get loans online and you owe money.

At King Cash, we understand that it can be hard for borrowers to make payments. This is why we aim to do everything we can to help resolve the situation.

To find out what your options are if you can’t repay your loan, keep reading. 

Don’t Panic – There Are Options

If you ever find yourself stuck paying your loan, the first step is not to panic. While there are ways to solve this problem, it can sometimes feel like there’s no clear way to overcome it.

When you are under pressure, it’s easy to make bad financial decisions, but this won’t benefit you in the long run. These bad decisions may cause you to create more financial trouble and mean that you owe more money.

However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. The key is to stay calm and focus on your best options.

A lot of the stress that people experience comes from the fact that they feel as though they need to pay their loans off immediately but they don’t have the money.

At Kingcash.ca, we deal with repayment trouble daily so we know that it is a difficult position to be in.

The worst thing to do is nothing, as this creates more problems in the long run. Our team is always on hand to help your find a solution.

We also have different repayment options available so you don’t need to be stuck with just one choice. 

Communicate With Your Lender

After you have learned what options are available, it’s time to communicate with your money lending platform. To do this, you should get in touch with your money lending online service and make them aware of your situation.

Online money lending providers will have processes so you can make them aware of your repayment difficulties. As we’ve mentioned before, loan providers do deal with this daily so they will have options for you. 

Money lenders want to get paid, and if you are in a difficult position and you aren’t able to do this, it isn’t going to help anyone. 

You should try to find the best way to get in touch with your loan provider. For some loan providers, this may be through email; for others, this is over the phone. 

However, you should let them know as soon as possible that you can’t make a repayment. Typically, the sooner you let your loan provider know the better. This is because it gives them time to plan how they are going to help you make repayments.

It is worth noting that you should be realistic about making future repayments and be honest with your loan provider.

Almost every repayment situation can be solved. However, the only times things get complicated is when people aren’t honest about their circumstances. 

Setting unrealistic repayment expectations won’t be beneficial for your or your loan provider. It may also cause you to miss future repayments. 

If there is a change in your employment situation or income then mention this too. This will help your loan providers give you a better plan that benefits you both.  

Prioritize Your Finances

Another thing that you should do is work on how you are going to make repayments. This is important if you are falling behind with your money lending online finances.

Unfortunately, if you do miss more payments this may cause the interest rate to go up. While it can seem challenging, there are ways to get your finances in order. 

Only Spend Money on Things You Need

Avoiding spending money on things you do not need is a good idea. Most people are surprised at how much they spend on things they don’t need.

You should make a list of your expenses and remove anything that isn’t necessary to avoid over-spending. 

Save Towards Your Repayments

Another thing you can do is save for your repayments. A great way to achieve this is by setting out the date you need to make your next payment and then working backward.

You can start by working out how much you need to save every day or week to ensure that you have enough to make your payment. This helps reduce stress as you have a plan in place.

Avoid Bad Financial Decisions

Something that we need to mention is that you mustn’t make your financial situation worse. If you get in a difficult financial position it’s very easy to make bad choices and create more problems for yourself.

You should avoid things like taking out a second payday loan or other loans. Getting into financially difficult situations will only mean that you will owe more money in the long run and it’s not a smart choice to make.

Get Advice About Online Loans Today 

Making repayments on your online loans can seem challenging. However, once you have a plan on how you are going to repay your online loan, this becomes easier.

At King Cash, we prioritize our customers to ensure they receive the best service. 

So if you would like to get some friendly advice on loans or get a loan, then contact us today. 

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