7 Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Loan


Do you need to take out a personal loan for one reason or another? If so, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

According to a recent report, about three-fourths of Canadians have gone through the process of applying for a loan over the last 12 months. This demonstrates just how common taking out a loan truly is.

Before getting a loan, though, you should ask yourself some key questions. It’ll help you sift through your loan options so that you can ultimately land on the right one.

Here are seven questions you should always ask prior to applying for a loan.

1. How Much Money Do You Need to Borrow?

Before you even think about applying for a loan, you will need to know exactly how much money you would like to borrow. You should take a look at your current financial situation and see how large you will need a loan to be.

In some cases, you might only need to borrow $500 to get by. In other instances, you might need to take out $1,000. It’ll be up to you to determine how much you need to borrow so that you can let a lender know this from the start.

2. Which Type of Loan Would You Like to Take Out?

There are quite a few different types of loans that you can take out when you’re in the market for one. From basic personal loans to payday loans to installment loans, you won’t have any shortage of options.

You should do your best to learn about the various loan options so that you can decide which type would work best for you. It’ll ensure that you attempt to take out the right kind when applying for a loan.

3. Who Are You Going to Trust to Provide You With a Loan?

Because there are so many Canadians who need to take out loans these days, there are plenty of lenders that will be able to provide you with one. You should do your homework on the lenders available to you and select the one that seems like your best option.

The lender that you choose should have a lot of experience in the lending industry. They should also have a wide range of loan options that you can pick from. Getting a loan from a lender like this will guarantee that you don’t regret not putting more thought into which company to trust.

4. How Long Will It Take You to Pay Back a Loan?

Do you know for a fact that you’re going to be able to repay a loan within just a few weeks? Or will you need several months to pay back a loan after taking it out?

Most lenders will work with you when it comes to creating a repayment schedule. But they will want you to have some general idea of how long you’re going to need to get their money back to them.

You should ask yourself this question and check in with lenders to see how long they would be willing to give you to pay back loans. You can then calculate a repayment plan that will work for both you and a lender.

5. Can You Get a Great Interest Rate on a Loan?

All of the different lenders that specialize in helping people to take out loans are going to extend different interest rates to them. The higher the interest rate is, the more a loan is going to cost you in the end.

With this in mind, you should make sure that you’re going to be able to get access to a good interest rate. You should check with different lenders to find out what kinds of interest rates they can give you.

In certain instances, you might also want to look into possibly increasing your credit score prior to applying for a loan. A higher credit score could bring your interest rates down through some lenders.

6. Do You Qualify to Take Out a Loan?

Not everyone is going to be able to apply for loans through lenders. To do it, you’ll usually need to be at least 18 and have a Canadian bank account. You might also be required to prove that you have a job that pays you a certain amount of money every month.

If you can’t check all the right boxes, there might not be any point in applying for a loan. You may get denied right off the bat because you aren’t able to meet the minimum requirements imposed by lenders.

7. How Quickly Do You Need a Loan?

Are you OK with waiting a few days or maybe even a few weeks to secure a loan? If you are, you won’t need to work with a lender that can provide you with a same-day or next-day loan.

But if time is of the essence, you can also find lenders that will work to help you get your hands on money ASAP. You’ll need to give some thought to how soon you would like to collect money from a lender so that you’re able to choose one that can assist you.

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