5 Things You Can Do if You Need Money Now


Around 35% of Canadians have experienced anxiety over money. With the cost of living rising, many people are asking what they can do to make money now. 

If you unexpectedly need some extra cash, don’t worry! You aren’t the first in this position, and you won’t be the last. Thankfully, there are some easy things you can do to make a bit more money very quickly. 

If you’re ready to learn about the five best things you can do if you need money now, read the tips below. 

1. Sell Items You No Longer Need

Selling old clothes and furniture is quickly becoming a very lucrative way to make extra money fast. With the many marketplaces online available, you can easily set up a seller’s account and start profiting off your unwanted items. 

One tip for improving these kinds of online sales is to have a range of good-quality photographs. Of course, there’s no need to go out and buy a camera! Simply take pictures of your items in a well-lit space with your phone. That way, potential buyers can see exactly what’s on offer. 

Many buyers online will try to barter for a cheaper price. While it is a good idea to offer some price leeway, never accept an offer you feel is too low or one that could cause you to lose money after shipping. 

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2. Offer Babysitting Or Dog Walking Services

Babysitting and dog walking are both great ways to make money very quickly. Many people need these services but are often weary of hiring a stranger to look after their children or a beloved pet.

Make sure you present yourself professionally when advertising yourself as a babysitter or dog walker. If you have any experience in either of these areas, make sure to mention it to your potential employer.

Another great thing about these services is that you can generally set your rate of pay. You may have to allow for some negotiation room, but most people will be happy to pay a fair price for the right person. 

You also have the option of asking around your neighborhood for these types of jobs. You’ll be surprised just how many people don’t have time to walk their dogs in the evening or how many need someone to watch their kids. 

3. Rent Your Car

This might seem like an extreme option, but it is a great way to make money quickly. If you don’t need or use your car often, renting it out can bring in some extra cash pretty fast.

A small business may need a vehicle to transport equipment or goods, but they can’t afford to purchase one of their own. Offering yours to these people for a fair price results in an advantageous business arrangement.

You can also rent your car to people who are moving or those who are helping others to move. This is a great option if they are taking a lot of luggage and need more than one vehicle.  

You set your rate of rent and will discuss with those renting your car how long the lease will last. Always ensure you double-check insurance details for yourself and for the person renting your car just to keep everybody safe!

4. Try Being a Freelancer

Freelance work is ideal for those who want to make more money quickly. There are numerous freelance websites where you can easily search for work and advertise your skills.

Some freelance jobs pay exceptionally well. These include IT and app development roles, virtual assistance, and proofreading and editing work. Language tutors are also heavily relied upon in the freelance world.

While you decide upon the rate of payment, you will get more customers if your prices are slightly lower than your competition. As you build up your experience and collect a range of customer reviews, you should gradually increase your prices. 

Freelancing will help with any immediate money issues or financial problems you’re having. This is especially true if you can offer one of the many high-demand services listed above. 

5. Take Part In Paid Surveys Or Research

You’d be surprised just how many companies are willing to pay you to take part in surveys. Companies use the information you provide on these surveys to learn about their target customers. Many are willing to offer a cash reward of some kind as an incentive, which makes these surveys one of the best side gigs available.

Some may offer gift vouchers for online stores such as amazon. Others will provide you with cash which may be transferred through PayPal. Either way, if you’re in desperate need of some money, quick surveys might just be the answer.

Paid research is also a great way to make some money when your wallet is feeling a little light. Many medical research groups seek out particular kinds of people to help try out new medicinal therapies. There are often extensive cash rewards for your participation. 

Some of these trials may run over long periods, so make sure you check out the trial length before signing up. 

If You Need Money Now, Don’t Panic!

You might feel like you’re in a desperate situation if you need money now. However, you have options, and you shouldn’t panic. Use the above methods to make a quick buck to tie you over.

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